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Your Introduction Pack

Thank you for starting your journey and for wanting to come alongside others.

You now have access to download the contents of your free Introduction Pack. This Introduction Pack includes extracts of all the Paraclesis: Journeying Together materials and includes everything you should need to introduce this fresh look at pastoral care to your church leadership team – simply click to download.

For your church leader

The decision to change the culture of care within your church and adopt a fresh approach to pastoral care starts with your leadership team. Watch pastor Trevor J. Partridge share his experiences in the following videos, as he delves into the impact that Paraclesis: Journeying Together could have on your church.

To download the videos from Vimeo, click on the ‘Download’ link underneath the video and choose which file size to download.

Once you have explored your Introduction Pack, you can find out more by going to Continue The Journey.